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  After the opening ceremony on August 5, we couldn't wait to seek other allies to jointly think about the schedule of the meeting in the next two days, and simulate the motion and divide the topic into several sub topics so that all countries have the opportunity to speak. Of course, we need to concentrate on our daily meetings. We not only need to record the suggestions and measures of the representatives of other countries in time, but also need to improve our speech to make it clear and accurate. Finally, with the efforts of the representatives of various countries, we jointly wrote or seconded the draft resolution and revised and adopted it, forming the largest outcome of the conference - the resolution.

  2021级 刘思璇

  What impressed me a lot is the magnificent performances given by delegates on the night before the final day. Performances standing for different culture are so eyes-catching that we audiences made a round of applause.The sense of achievement emerges to my heart when we delegates finally had a DR--Draft Resolution.Although Colombia wasn't the sponsor,as one of the signatories,the delegate of Colombia had contributed to stabilize the economy around the world.And I hope that the efforts we all delegates have made can be seen in UN.Look forward to the next time.

  2021级 张佳怡

  Times go by and it’s time for the committee! Our delegates expressed their stance on the interests of their own countries. The motion we discussed include many aspects, for example, Disposal and response of space waste, Rational use of space resources, Crowded Space in Space Orbit,  Space Capsule Safety, Space Monitoring System, International Cooperation. It's like the collision of multiple cultures, and the friction has sparked. Everyone spoke so fluent although sometimes it’s little hard to understand ,haha! I was aware of that I still have very large development space. The conference was very teeming. Not only did I meet many excellent people but also became good friends with then. I would never forget this enjoyable experience.

  2021级 周韵佳

  From my contact with Benin, the representative country, to the birth of a draft resolution, I fully understand the significance of safeguarding rights, interests and building a community. As a representative, my decision is related to the development space of Benin in some aspects in the future. Economic stability under conflict and wars not only influence the stability of the war zone, but also the upstream and downstream countries.

  2021级 卢思睿

   I took the opportunity of this summer vacation to participate in the long-awaited Model Union. Because it was the first time to participate in such activities, at first I was not familiar with the process, and my speech was more restrictive, but with the encouragement of the chairman and the delegates, I was able to express my views fluently in the afternoon of the first day, and my mobile phone and computer were also searching for information on the topic, under the personable suit, hiding the teenagers' vision for the future and the grand ambition of building the motherland. It was a wonderful experience.

  Each of you still have the opportunity to lead to a better future together!

  2020级 管圳豪